Frequently Asked Questions

Which boat ramp is open 24 hours a day?

Brushie Prairie Park

If I arrive after 10:00pm at a camping park, will I be able to get in the park?

No, our parks are open from 6:00am until 10:00pm, after that the parks are closed for security purposes. You may leave but will not have access to reenter unless you park at the gate (do not block the entrance or exit) .

How can my son or daughter volunteer a project for Eagle Scout or Gold Award?

Just get in touch with the volunteer coordinator at the lake office. If not available, contact any of the park rangers and they will be glad to help.

What is the record for the largest fish caught out of the lake?

Not sure, there are plenty of big fish stories but we can't seem to find anything "official". However, the largest white crappie weighed in at 4 lbs 9 oz., and still holds the current state record.

Where do I report illegal dumping on Government property?

Contact a park ranger or the lake manager at the lake office.

Where can I operate my ORV on Corps land at Navarro Mills Lake?

Off-road-vehicles are not permitted on government property at Navarro Mills Lake.

Can I leave my boat beached behind my house during the summer?

No, vessels should be removed from the waters and shores of Navarro Mills Lake when not in use.

What facilities are available for a family reunion?

Check out a group shelter in Liberty Hill, Oak or Wolf Creek Park.

What is the policy on metal detectors?

Please see our rules and regulation web page to find out about use of metal detectors around the lake.