Swimming at Navarro Mills Lake

Lake Navarro Mills has developed swim beaches at Liberty Hill Park, Oak Park, and Oak Park Day Use. The swim beach in Oak Park is for campers only, day users should visit Oak Park Day Use. Buoys and restrictive barriers are in place to delineate the swimming area and prevent boats, personal watercraft or other vessels from entering the swimming area. Therefore, it is safer to swim in the designated areas rather than other areas of the lake. Lifeguards are not provided at the swim beaches. Children should always be well supervised when near the water. Purchase of a swim beach permit or possession of a valid annual pass is required for adults and children 16 years of age and older to utilize the swim beach area. The swim beach use fee of $2.00 per person walk/bike-in or $5.00 per vehicle, is paid at the gatehouse which is located at the park entrance. Possession of a valid camping permit issued at Lake Navarro Mills precludes the requirement to purchase a swim beach permit. Glass containers and pets are prohibited in the swimming areas.

Swimming in the vicinity of boat launching or mooring sites is prohibited by section 327.5a of title 36, Code of Federal Regulations. Diving or jumping from bridges or other structures which cross project waters is also prohibited.

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