Natural Resources


The brilliant array of native wildflowers draws visitors from all over to the Navarro Mills Lake area during the spring. Bluebonnets, paintbrushes and a myriad of other native plants transform the often-bleak winter landscape into an incredible palette of colors. Liberty Hill and Wolf Creek Parks are two of the favorite viewing areas for wildflowers at Navarro Mills Lake.

Various Wildflowers


Birdwatching is a favorite pastime of many visitors to Navarro Mills Lake. All kinds of songbirds, hawks, and even an occasional bald eagle visit the area. Great blue herons, ducks and geese in the winter, and various other shorebirds frequent the area and give the birdwatching public something to see year-round.


Fishing at Navarro Mills Lake is a very popular recreational activity. The lake holds the current state record for white crappie, and fishermen come from all over to sample some of the best crappie fishing anywhere. Fishing for channel cat and yellow cat is very popular also. Hefty hybrid stripers are often caught below the dam when water is being released. A brand-new concrete fishing pier contributes to the fishing enjoyment.

The lake has a marina with a fishing pier and a small fee is charged. There are fishing piers in Liberty Hill, Oak and Wolf Creek Parks, and no fee is charged for their use. No special rules or regulations pertaining to size restrictions or bag limits are in effect at Navarro Mills Lake. Fishermen need only to make certain that all fishing activities are in compliance with applicable state laws and avoid any posted restricted areas.


Two wetland units have been constructed in the western portion of government property at Navarro Mills Lake. The wetlands are the result of a cooperative agreement between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Texas Parks and Wildlife and Ducks Unlimited. Wetlands provide wildlife habitat for many species of animals in addition to many other beneficial functions in the environment. Wetlands slow movement of runoff during periods of heavy rainfall, thereby greatly reducing erosion, sedimentation and improving water quality.

Watchable Wildlife

A wide variety of habitat provides a home and abundant food supply to a very diverse population of wildlife around Navarro Mills Lake. These animals may be found in the woods, on the prairies, alongside one of the streams that runs into the lake, or you may even run across some of them in one of the parks. Only one developed trail exists at Navarro Mills Lake, but there are many acres of natural areas that can be explored. A hunting map may prove to be helpful in deciding upon an area you would like to start looking for animals to photograph or observe in their natural environment. Some of the animals you might stumble across are squirrels, rabbits, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, white-tailed deer, raccoon or an armadillo. Walk quietly and there's no telling what you could find.


Many hunting opportunities exist at Navarro Mills Lake. Go to the Hunting web page for more information.