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Some of our GREAT volunteers here at Lavon Lake.

Everyone can Leave a Legacy of Service

Anyone can volunteer at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers facilities: Scout units, civic organizations, local businesses, youth centers, school groups, retirees and more. All of these volunteers assist us in building and maintaining our recreational facilities as well as developing natural areas where animals and plants can thrive.

You can become part of the team and help us meet our missions for the nation. We need volunteers to water/mulch and prune trees in various park areas, remove graffiti from recreational facilities, assist with lake shore clean-up, repaint restrooms and many other construction/maintenance tasks that are available, year round here at Lavon Lake.

If you are interested in a fun and challenging experience as an U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Volunteer please contact the Volunteer Coordinator for information about joining our team.

If your interested in volunteer opportunities at other U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects visit the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Volunteer Program Nationwide Volunteer Clearinghouse web site or call the volunteer hotline at 1-800-VOL-TEER.