Overlook Park Trail

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Overlook Park Trail

Multipurpose Trail: Hiking

Length 1 way: 0.6 miles

Round Trip: 1.2 miles

The trail in Overlook Park runs throught the woods and along the shore line..

Half of the trail gently follows the contours of the hill as it winds through the trees and back around on the outside of the trees.

The Trailhead is by the parking area near the dam. The trail can be seen to the left of the parking area. Part of the trail goes into the woods by the large cactus patch around the corner. Look for the tall brown posts with numbers on them. Trail 1 designates the main trail through the park. There are several branches off of trail 1 that are steeper for those that like a challenge.

Over Half of the the trail is heavily shaded and the other half is partial shade to full sun. Come prepared for a nice hike and a challenging one too.

During the spring many plants put off spectular blooms along the trail and in Overlook Park. There is an abundance of wildlife in the park depending upon the season. Some of the species you may come in contact with are as follows: Cottentail Rabbit; gray squirrels; rock squirrels; striped skunk; racoon; snakes (variety); nine-banded armadillo; white tail deer; opossum; red fox; gray fox.

Please remember these simple rules when wild animals are present.

Do NOT feed the animals.

Do NOT bet the animals.

Do NOT attempt to capture one as a pet.

DO Take Pictures.

Do Keep Your Distance.


Overlook Park Trail Map


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