Madrone Trail

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Hunting Season!

The hunting season affects some trails.

The madrone Trail will be Closed from 12th of November to the 26th of December 2016.

Do not hike or bike the trail at this time.

No, we do NOT have public hunts at Canyon Lake.

The local hunts are for the Men and Women that have served and been injured in combat.

We support the Heros by providing them the opportunity to hunt when they otherwise may not have a chance. Our hunt is managed by OFAS (Operation Float a Soilder).



Madrone Trail

Multipurpose Trail: Hiking and Biking


The Madrone Trail gets its name from the Madrone Tree. There are several of the trees near the trail head with in the first 2 miles of trail. The tree is famous for its pinkish red bark that is visible at certain times of the year. In 2011, Boy Scouts set up a fence around one of the larger Madrone Trees on the trail, along with a plaque describing the tree specie.

The trail is a great hiking trail for all levels from beginner on up. The terrain is often rocky with some soil. Majority of the trail runs through the trees creating adequate cover from direct sun. The trail varies from flat to steep on a few climbs.

The vistas are breath taking along the trail. During the spring many plants put off spectular blooms. There is an abundance of wildlife in the park depending upon the season. Cottentail Rabbit, gray squirrels, rock squirrels, striped skunk, racoon, snakes (variety), nine-banded armadillo, white tail deer, opossum, red fox, gray fox and so many more live in the area.

This trail is an intermediate to advanced level mountain biking trail with several sections that are fairly technical to most riders. This includes drops, ledges, tight turns, narrow path and other natural obstacles.

The trail head parking is located on Canyon Park Road approximately one mile off of FM 306 on the North side of the lake.  Cyclist are encouraged to wear helmets, respect other trail users and respect the parks natural resources while riding the Madrone Trail.

The trail was recently marked with new distance marks. If you need to know how far you have come you can refer to the distance marks along the trail. They are also color coded in case you get lost or need help.

If you or your group is interested in helping with trail building or trail maintenance, please contact the Canyon Lake Office at 830-964-3341.

Madrone Trail Map

Trail Difficulty Rating


Trail Pics

Trail Kiosk    Madrone Tree    Madrone Tree2    Madrone Plaque    Trail Sign

 Trail Sign2    Trail View1    Trail View2    Trail View3    Trail View4


If you are interested in volunteering to help us maintain any of the trails at Canyon Lake, contact our volunteer coordinator.