Hiking Trails at Canyon Lake

Overlook Park Trail in Woods

Located in Overlook Park. Trail starts near the large oak by the first parking area. The trails wraps around and through most of Overlook Park. You can get down to the water or take a nature hike through the forest if you wish. This trail is uneven and goes up and down the hills constantly. It is not accessible to strollers, bicycles, or wheelchairs. This trail is not paved and is designed for wilderness style hiking primarily.

The trail across the top of Canyon Dam is paved and handicap accessible. Feel free to use this trail for a great view of the lake and valley below the dam.


Overlook Park Trail Map


Guadalupe North Trail

Fishing is great in the discharge area of Canyon Dam especially during trout stocking season (Nov-Feb). However, the steep terrain of this area has historically limited its access to people with walking disabilities.  Now this area is available for all to enjoy.  The Guadalupe North River Trail is a short in length and paved, but a little bit steep. Please keep that in mind before attempting to access it with strolers and wheelchaits. The trail leads from the north parking area below the base of the dam to a concrete fishing platform at the mouth of the river. There are no restroom facilties.

The parking lot is located on South Access Road between FM 306 and FM 2673. It is the first parking lot on the left when coming off of FM 306.

Guadalupe North Trail Map


Guadalupe South Trail

The trail head is located at the base of Canyon Dam at the far end of the southernmost parking area. It is a short 1/4 mile scenic walk along the bald cypress-lined banks of the Guadalupe River. This riparian trail along with the North River Trail, was built by volunteers during Public Lands Appreciation Day in 1995.  We plan to continue to develop and lengthen the trail with help from the Texas Master Naturalist.   If you or your group is interested in helping with trail building or trail maintenance, please contact the Texas Master Naturalist.

Guadalupe Trail Guide

Guadalupe South Trail Map


Old Hancock Trail

The Old Hancock Trail is a 3.64 mile trail along the north shoreline of Canyon Lake.

The trail head is located at the end of Old Hancock Road just off FM 306 on the north side of the lake.

The trail runs from open plain near the shore to the wooded coves along the north shore. Along the way you will find several park style benches placed near the waters edge for your usage. Be courteous of all other trail users. The trail runs from Hancock Road to the north shoreline of Canyon Park near group pavilion 1.

This trail is designated an equestrian riding trail. Hikers and bicycle riders are welcome, but please be respectful to riders on horseback. No motorized vehicles allowed on trail without permissons from lake manager.

Old Hancock Trail Map

Updated Map coming soon


Madrone Trail

N 29°54.306’
W 098°13.731’

The Madrone Trail gets its name from the Madrone Tree. There are several of the trees near the trail head with in the first 2 miles of trail. The tree is famous for its pinkish red bark that is visible at certain times of the year. Recently, Boy Scouts set up a fence around one of the larger Madrone Trees along with a plaque describing the tree specie.

The trail is approximately 8.2 mile hike and bike trail located in Canyon Park.

It is an intermediate to advanced level mountain biking trail with several sections that are fairly technical to most riders. This includes drops, ledges, tight turns, narrow path and other natural obstacles.

The trail head parking is located on Canyon Park Road approximately one mile off of FM 306 on the North side of the lake.  Cyclist are encouraged to wear helmets, respect other trail users and respect the parks natural resources while riding the Madrone Trail.

The trail was recently marked with new distance marks. if you need to know how far you have come you can refer to the distance parks along the trail. They are also color coded in case you get lost or need help.

If you or your group is interested in helping with trail building or trail maintenance, please contact the Canyon Lake Office at 830-964-3341.

Madrone Trail Map


If you are interested in volunteering to help us maintain any of the trails at Canyon Lake, contact our volunteer coordinator.