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Q: Where can I use my Annual Pass?

A: Annual Passes are good at any Corps of Engineers operated day use area. Day use areas on Benbrook Lake include North Holiday, Mustang, and Rocky Creek Parks. Day Use is also allowed in Longhorn and Westcreek Circle, however access to these areas is free at this time. Annual Passes do not allow for the use of South Holiday or Bear Creek Parks, or the campground in Rocky Creek Park, UNLESS you are launching a boat or walking/cycling through the campground without stopping to use the campsites. Picnicking, swimming, bank-fishing, sight-seeing, and other typical day use activities is not allowed in campgrounds unless you are a registered camper. Hiking, birding, and equestrian use of the trail system remains free, as long as vehicles are parked outside the fee area.


Q: Does my America the Beautiful Interagency Pass or Golden Age/Access Passport get me in for free at Benbrook Lake?

A: YES! As of January 1, 2016, the US Army Corps of Engineers has been granted authority to accept these passes for free day use, consitent with other Federal recreation providers. These pass also allow the pass holder half off camping fees. Please note - Entities that lease parks from USACE are not required to honor these discounts.


Q: I lost my Annual Pass. Can I get a replacement?

A: US Army Corps of Engineers policy does not allow for replacement of lost passes. Name and pass number information is collected for internal tracking purposes only. If a lost pass is returned to the lake office, we can cross-reference information and attempt to return the pass to its rightful owner, but we cannot give a full replacement.


Q: Why was overnight camping removed at Mustang Park?

A: Public interest and use trends over the last few years has created a need for operational changes at Mustang Park to a day use activities only area. Overnight camping will no longer be permitted in Mustang Park but will still be available nearby in the Holiday and Bear Creek campgrounds. Recreating activities like picnicking, fishing and swimming will be allowed during hours of park operation at Mustang Park. The park is open at 6am and closes promptly at 9pm.


Q: Why can't I bank-fish the campground?

A: With very few exceptions, day use activities are not allowed in campgrounds unless you are a registered camper. If you would like to bank-fish in a campground, you will need to rent a campsite.


Q: Why does Benbrook get so low every year?

A: It has not always gotten so low. The water in Benbrook Lake was originally intended to supply navigation use in the Trinity River, but demands never developed. In 1992 the water was re-allocated for municipal water supply, and the water rights sold to the Tarrant Regional Water District [TRWD]. A large pipeline now connects the lake with the Rolling Hills Water Plant on Interstate 20, and so with the Cedar Creek and Richland-Chambers water supply reservoirs. TRWD pumps water from these reservoirs into Benbrook during the winter months, allowing it to utilyze lower winter electrical rates for pumping. In the summer months, when both water and electrical demands and rates are the highest, water is released from Benbrook Dam to flow downriver to water plants in downtown Fort Worth, without having to be pumped. This provides all of us savings on our water bills and ensures water availability in the summer at our homes, but it has been at the cost of recreation opportunities at the lake.


Q: What are the strange bubbles in the water near the dam?

A: This activity is part of an aeration system designed to improve water quality.


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