Equestrian Trails at Benbrook Lake

Part of the National Trails System, Benbrook Lake offers a fourteen-mile equestrian and hiking trail, with trailheads in Dutch Branch Park, Holiday Park Campground, and Westcreek Circle, while passing through the Holiday Park Dayuse Area. If you wish to camp during your trail ride, equestrian camping is allowed on Site 65 in Holiday Park Campground, and throughout Westcreek Circle (via Lake Activity Permit only). Click Here for map.

An additional ten miles of trails are located in and north from Rocky Creek Park. These trails are for day-use trips only, and camping is not allowed anywhere along the trails. The trailhead is located just outside the Rocky Creek Park gatehouse.

If you wish to help maintain Benbrook's trails, contact the Texas Equestrian Trail Riders Association (TETRA) region 4 representative.

While riding the trails, we ask that you please observe the following rules:

  • More observant and mobile pedestrians should yield right-of-way to horses and riders.
  • Off-road biking is not permitted on the equestrian trails.
  • If you take dogs on the trails, ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH no longer than 6 feet. Dogs and horses may spook one another, with unhappy results for each.
  • Trails are closed from sunset to sunrise
  • Stay on the trails. Horses are not allowed in parks, except for designated equestrian campsites.
  • Use provided water troughs. Please do not lead your horse to the lake for water.

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