Bird Watching

Birdwatching is a favorite pastime of many visitors to Benbrook Lake. All kinds of songbirds, hawks, and even an occasional bald eagle visit the area. Great blue herons, ducks and geese in the winter, and various other shorebirds frequent the area and give the birdwatching public something to see year-round.

Visit the Fort Worth Audubon Society for more birdwatching information.

Click here to view a listing of the Birds of Benbrook Lake by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in cooperation with the Fort Worth Audubon Society.

This article published by Texas Parks and Wildlife Magazine is a good summary for how to get started in birding. See this article for tips and resources for getting kids interested in birding. Thanks, Tyler, for sending us the links!


Memorial Oak

The Memorial Oak is a former, and now once again, Texas State Champion Tree, recognized as the largest Bur Oak (Quercus macrocarpa) in the State. Since the Bur Oak is one of the largest of all the varieties of mighty oaks, this is one really big tree. Larger Bur Oaks found in Cooke County near the Red River, and in Mother Neff State Park, had taken the title, but were subsequently destroyed in storms or by lightning.  In any case, our Memorial Oak has always been a huge and marvelous tree. It is eighty feet high, nineteen feet in circumference, over six feet in diameter!

To see Memorial Oak, go to the picnic area behind the soapbox derby in Pecan Valley Park. Cross the footbridge over the river and follow the path that goes to the left. The tree will be hard to miss!

To learn about the Champion Trees of Texas, visit the Texas Forest Service website, or the Big Tree Registry


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