Lake Information

Benbrook Lake is a water resource project operated by the Fort Worth District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. All land around Benbrook Lake is public property owned by the Corps of Engineers. Benbrook dam is located on the Clear Fork of the Trinity River, about fifteen river miles above its confluence with the West Fork of the Trinity in downtown Fort Worth. The dam controls drainage from 429 square miles, most of which lies to the west of Fort Worth in central Parker County. Tributaries of the Clear Fork that drain into the river or the lake are the Willow Creek Fork of the Trinity, South Willow Creek, Bear & South Bear Creeks, Mustang Creek, Rocky Creek, and East & West Dutch Branch Creeks. For more information on the history of the lake, click here.

Benbrook Lake offers a variety of outdoor recreation experiences. Please click the links on the left to learn more about our parks, natural resource areas, and lake. The maps and parks pages offer descriptions of and directions to parks around the lake. Each park is unique, so please visit these pages or call us at 817-292-2400 for more information.


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