Fishing at Bardwell Lake

Bardwell Lake Records from Texas Parks and Wildlife

Predominant Fish in Bardwell Lake

Lake Stocking Records

Due to the presence of a wide variety of fish in Bardwell Lake, the type of recreational fishing opportunities is most often restricted only by the anglers personal preference. Many local fishermen consider Bardwell Lake as one of the best kept secrets in the state. Although the largemouth bass caught from these waters may not win a state record, bass fishermen seldom leave empty-handed. Palmetto Bass (white bass x stripe bass hybrid) are the most commonly stocked fish in the lake. Crappie fishing at Bardwell Lake is considered moderate with most of the success for catching this species at either High View Marina, under the state highway 34 bridge or in Waxahachie and Mustang creeks during spawning. Fishing for catfish is usually excellent, especially when the lake elevation is gradually rising. A six or seven pound blue or channel cat caught with a rod and reel will certainly get the adrenaline started.

The lake has the previously mentioned marina with fishing piers. Two of the piers are enclosed for the convenience of customers during inclement weather. A small fee is charged for the use of these facilities.

No special rules or regulations pertaining to size restrictions or bag limits are in effect at Bardwell Lake. Fishermen need only to make certain that all fishing activities are in compliance with applicable state laws and avoid any posted restricted areas.

Conditions above and below the surface are ever changing.  Effects from erosion and soil deposition, vegetation changes and wave action make the lake a dynamic environment for fish and wildlife.  Anglers make it a practice to learn as much as possible about the conditions of the lake in order to increase their chances of making that big catch.

In the late 1990s the Corps of Engineers assisted the Texas Water Development Board in the collection of soil depositon data for Bardwell Lake.  Once analyzed the data were used to create a bathymetric map with contours.  A copy of the map is available in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format by clicking here