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All hunting access roads are open for season.

Wright Patman Lake offers more than 54,358 acres of federally owned property for excellent hunting opportunities. In addition, Wright Patman Lake covers 20,300 water surface acres which provides some of the best waterfowl hunting habitat in East Texas. No permit is required to hunt, but all rules must be followed to ensure the safety of all our visitors. Some of the legal game found on Wright Patman Lake includes: white-tailed deer, eastern wild turkey, squirrel, feral hogs, dove, and many species of waterfowl. The Corps has constructed and maintains hunting access roads, primitive campsites, and primitive boat ramps.  There area approximately 20 miles of all weather access roads, most of which are open during hunting seasons only and are closed to vehicle traffic from 15 January – 15 September.  More than 30 primitive campsites are available at various Hunting Areas including: Flatwoods, Bassett Creek, Corley, and Mud Lake.  Finally, five primitive boat ramps (constructed of gravel) are available for use at the Basset Creek picnic table area, Glenn Mills crossing, Flatwoods hunting area, Corley hunting area, and at the end of Bowie County Road 4128 (also know as Monument Road).


Rules For Wright Patman Lake

All Terrain Vehicle (A.T.V.) and Utility Terrain Vehicle (U.T.V.)

1. An A.T.V. (4-wheeler) or U.T.V. (side by sides) that fit through the designated entrance (120” long, 60” wide, 78” high and a maximum of 1,500 pounds) will be allowed into the area with a permit.
2. Operating ATV’s on wildlife food plots or beyond recognizable gates and barricades is strictly prohibited.
2. Hunters must obey all state and federal hunting regulations.
3. All hunters operating A.T.V.'s or U.T.V.’s must possess an “A.T.V. Rider Certification Permit”.   (Available at all A.T.V. dealers)
4. Only the specified carrying capacity per A.T.V. or U.T.V. will be allowed.
5. Check in/out stations have been constructed at the entrance of each management area. These are the only entrance and exit points allowed. A check in slip will be filled out prior to entering the area and this slip will be kept on the person and turned in at the station, at the end of the hunt.
6. Only portable non-bark penetrating tree stands will be allowed. They must be at least three hundred (300) feet from all trails and roads.
7. Hunters may access these areas by walking, horseback or boat without a permit.
8. All A.T.V. and U.T.V. vehicles are required to stay on designated trails with the exception of physically impaired operators who will be allowed to ride an A.T.V. or U.T.V.  to a stand or use the A.T.V. or U.T.V. as a stationary stand, a minimum distance of three hundred (300) feet from all roads or trails. With the only exception being no vehicles will be allowed to operate a motor vehicle on wildlife food plots or around recognizable barricades and gates. All physically impaired persons must possess a physician’s statement certifying that they meet the criteria for a permanent ambulatory disability.
9. Trails may be closed by the use of red flexible posts installed at the entrance of the trail.
10. The use of an A.T.V. or U.T.V. within these hunting areas is for transportation only, fast or excessive riding is strictly prohibited.
11. All A.T.V. or U.T.V. hunters must check out of the management area within 30 minutes after dark.
12. Rifles, shotguns (with slugs only), muzzleloaders, and archery equipment may be used.
13. All firearms must be unloaded while operating A.T.V.'s.
14. Hunters operating an A.T.V. or U.T.V. must contact lake headquarters for details regarding the sale of A.T.V. or U.T.V. hunting access permits, before entering either management areas. Contact Lake Headquarters at (903) 838-8781.

***Flooding is a natural event and flood control is a vital mission for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Wright Patman Lake. Thus, no refunds will be issued due to a high water event. All sales are final.

We will be selling the ATV passes on Sept. 8, 2018 at 9 AM at the Clear Springs Gate House. Season dates are as follows:

Clear Springs ATV
Archery: Sept. 22 – Nov. 2, 2018 (Closed Oct. 25-28 for special event hunt)
Gun 1: Nov. 3 – Dec. 14, 2018 (Closed Nov. 26 – Dec. 2 for special event hunt)
Gun 2 (w/ muzzleloader): Dec. 15, 2018 – Jan. 20, 2019

Big Creek ATV
Archery: Sept. 22 – Nov. 2, 2018
Gun 1: Nov. 3 – Dec. 14, 2018
Gun 2 (w/ muzzleloader): Dec. 15, 2018 – Jan. 20, 2019

We will allow one permit, per person, per season. Each permit is $35 each. The person who is buying the permit must be present at the time of purchase, show their ATV safety certificate, and a physician's statement for handicapped permit if applicable.

Please contact the Project Office at (903)838-8781 or email during mid summer for updated details.

Wright Patman Lake                                                                                             

64 Clear Springs Park                                                    Counties:  Bowie / Cass
Texarkana, Texas 75501                                                Acreage:  54,358 acres                
(903) 838-8781                                                             Corps Permit:  Yes, ATV permit
(903) 832-6396 (fax)

Administration:  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Legal Game:  Mourning dove, squirrel, rabbits, waterfowl, feral hog and white-tailed deer.
Season:  As published in the Texas Outdoor Annual for these counties.
Muzzleloaders and Crossbows:  Yes, for white-tailed deer and feral hogs only.


Special Restrictions:

  • Hunters (and anyone accompanying the hunter) must wear at least 400 square inches of hunter orange material (144 square inches on both chest and back) when hunting and are also required to wear some type of orange head wear.
  • Hunters exempt from the hunter orange requirements are:  Persons hunting deer or feral hogs during the archery only season, persons hunting squirrels outside of the deer firearms season, and persons hunting waterfowl, or migratory birds (except dove hunters during concurrent hunts for quail).
  • Rifles are authorized for hunting in most areas. 
  • For all areas due east of US Highway 59, hunting for deer or feral hogs is restricted to shotguns with slugs and legal archery equipment.
  • Primitive Camping and Hunting Access Road maps showing emphasized No Hunting Areas are available at the Project Office and all park gate houses.
  • Hunting or shooting within 600 feet of homes, developed parks, roads, fishing piers or platforms, concentrated livestock areas with holding pens, the outlet structure, the emergency spillway, or other lands and water areas posted by the Corps of Engineers is prohibited.
  • Tree stands are restricted to portable non-bark penetrating stands only; they are only to be left for periods of 72 consecutive hours or less and must be clearly marked with the owner’s name, address, telephone number, and date of placement.
  • All-terrain vehicle (ATV) use is prohibited, except by permit only in the Clear Springs and Big Creek Wildlife Management Areas (encompassing 3,700 acres).
    • Permits will be distributed at the Clear Springs Park gate house on September 8, 2018, beginning at 9 am on a first come-first serve basis.
    • Only one permit per person per season will be allowed.
    • All individuals purchasing a permit MUST provide proof (certificate) at the time of purchase showing that the individual has completed a certified ATV safety course.
    • Permits are $35 each.
  • Due to two special hunting events, the Clear Springs Wildlife Management area will be closed to all but the participants in the events from October 25-28, 2018 and November 26-December 2, 2018.
  • Baiting for white-tailed deer and feral hogs, by the use of corn, is allowed by hand spreading or small bucket type hanging feeders. 
  • Nutria, a non-native, invasive species, may be harvested during daylight hours of any designated hunting season by shotgun (using #4 non-toxic shot or larger) or archery equipment (using an arrow retrieval system).  A trapper's license is required to take or attempt to take nutria, except that a person who possesses a hunting license may take and possess nutria, provided the nutria (or any part thereof) is not to be sold.  Reasonable efforts must be taken to retrieve harvested nutria and remove them from the lake, and Government property, upon the end of the hunt.
  • Hunting of eastern wild turkey is not allowed at Wright Patman Lake.

Doe Harvest:

  • Doe may be harvested by permit only during the archery only season, general season, muzzleloader only season, or youth only seasons.
  • Doe permits will be issued by a postcard draw.
    • Postcards will be accepted from August 15 – September 14, 2018, and must be mailed (see address above) or delivered to the Wright Patman Lake Project Office.
    • Postcard must contain name, address, and telephone number of person entering the draw, as well as the Hunting Compartment number that you are wanting a doe permit for. A copy of the valid Texas hunting license for the person entering the draw must accompany the postcard.
    • If you are drawn for a permit, a permit will be mailed to you at the address provided before the start of the archery only season.
  • There will only be a certain number of permits given for each Hunting Compartment:
    • Hunting Compartment #1 incorporates areas in Bowie County east of Highway 8. There will be 80 permits issued for this compartment in areas not encompassed by the Clear Springs ATV area. There will be 10 permits issued for the Clear Springs ATV area. If you are wanting a doe permit for the Clear Springs ATV area, please specify that on the postcard sent in for the draw.
    • Hunting Compartment #2 incorporates areas in Cass County east of Highway 8. There will be 60 permits issued for this compartment.
    • Hunting Compartment #3 incorporates areas in Cass County west of Highway 8. There will be 54 permits issued for this compartment.
    • Hunting Compartment #4 incorporates areas in Bowie County west of Highway 8. There will be 96 permits issued for this compartment.
  • Hunters that are drawn for a permit will be required to report their harvest and other pertinent information such as field dressed weight of the doe. More instructions for reporting will be given to hunters that receive a permit.


Special Restrictions for Bow Fishing:  Bow fishing will not be allowed within 600 feet of a developed park, roadway, fishing pier, fishing platform, or at any other areas posted at the project.  Bow fishing is prohibited within the outlet structure and emergency spillway areas with no exceptions.  Bow fishing will be allowed in those areas east of US Highway 59 below the spillway on the Sulphur River and in remote locations on Wright Patman Lake.

For additional information on hunting regulations and opportunities throughout Fort Worth District Corps of Engineers properties see the link at the top of the page to the PDF Fort Worth District 2017-2018 Hunting Guide.