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Hunting Coordinator
Brad Hernandez

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Phone: (254) 756-5359
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Hunting at Waco Lake


2014 Hunting Information


For information regarding 2014 hunting at Waco Lake view the information paper.

For Hunting Inquiries For the 2014-2015 Season please call the Waco Lake office at 254-756-5359

Hunting area names have recently changed. Please see link below to view new maps.


****2013 Waco Hunting Map****

****2013 North Waco Lake Hunting Map****

****2013 South Waco Lake Hunting Map****

Small Game

A permit will no longer be necessary to hunt small game. Small game includes squirrel, rabbit, and feral hog. Small game hunting is prohibited during firearms deer season.
Trapping is prohibited in all hunting areas and parks. Small game may be taken by shotgun only (no buckshot) or legal archery/crossbow equipment only.
Dogs will only be allowed for game bird hunting (other than turkey).


There will be no turkey hunting on Corps land in 2014/2015.

Dove, Waterfowl

Permits are no longer necessary to hunt dove or waterfowl.

Deer Archery

Permits are no longer necessary to archery hunt. Deer stands/blinds may not be left on corps property unattended. Legal permitted hunters may hunt all hunting zones. Crossbows are legal archery equipment. Archery hunting is prohibited during firearms deer season.

Deer Gun Season :

USACE Waco Lake will only accept applicationson the day of the Deer Drawing August 16, 2014 at 2:00 p.m. at the Airport Beach Pavilion. The Deer Drawing will be conducted at 3:00 p.m. on August 16, 2014 following application submission. Waco Lake headquarters will be able to hand out forms to fill out prior to the Deer Drawing. Waco Lake office will not accept applications earlier/later than the due date. A valid permit contains between 1 to 4 hunters with valid hunter education certificate or proof of exemption (born before September 2, 1971), signed Waivers of Liability and one hunter must be present at the drawing. The drawing will be at Airport Beach Pavilion, 3800 Skeet Eason Rd. Permits are good for one week, and are for a specific hunting area at Waco Lake. Applications and Liability Waivers are available at the Waco Lake Project Office, 3801 Zoo Park Drive, or may be downloaded from the Waco Lake webpage.

Shotgun and slugs are the only type of firearm that will be permissible for this season. Hunters may carry in bait with them. No feeders or other type of baiting equipment is allowed. Any bait should be spread by hand.
Drawn applicants will select hunt dates and locations in the order they are drawn. Hunters cannot deviate or hunt other areas once they have signed up for a particular WMA.
On Monday, August 18, 2014, at 0930 hrs individuals can call the office and check for leftover permit dates. Individuals who were not present at the time of the drawing will have a chance to call and receive a leftover date. This process will be first come first serve for the leftover dates. No substitutions may be made for the persons listed on the applications or on the hunt permits.

Safety :

Safety is held at a very high standard at Waco Lake. Please be courteous to fellow hunters and aware of safe shooting lanes. Understand what legal deer size means, gun safety, and perform safe shots while hunting. Be aware of duck hunters traveling to and from their hunting areas. Duck hunters; be aware of deer hunts in progress while traveling to and from hunting areas.
All hunting surveys are required to be filled out and turned into the Waco Lake office within one week from designated hunting time.

Anyone failing to fill out and return this animal harvest tag within the designated time may be removed from all drawings for the next 12 months




****Waco Lake requires proof of Hunters Education as required by the State of Texas****

****All hunters are advised to read the District Hunting Policy as it has been updated.****




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