Contact Information

Hunting Coordinator
Michael Champagne

3801 Zoo Park Drive

Waco, TX 76708


Phone: (254) 756-5359
Fax: (254) 756-3433

Hunting at Waco Lake


2018 Hunting Information


For information regarding 2017 hunting on Army Corps property, view the 2018-2019 District Hunting Guide.

2018 Shotgun Deer Hunting Permit

2018 Waiver of Liability

Texas 2018-2019 Hunting Seasons

North Hunting Map

South Hunting Map

For Hunting Inquiries at Waco Lake for the 2018-2019 Season please call the Waco Lake office at 254-756-5359


Legal Game:   Dove, squirrel, rabbits, feral hogs, waterfowl, and deer.
Season:  As published in the Texas Outdoor Annual for this county.  Small game may be hunted anytime except during any open deer season.
Crossbows: Yes
Muzzleloaders, Rifles, and Pistols:  No
Special Conditions

  • Only shotguns and archery allowed at Waco Lake based on federal and city ordinance.
  • Sport chasing is prohibited.
  • Tree stands are restricted to portable non-bark penetrating stands only and must be removed after each hunt.
  • No trapping of game or furbearers.
  • Based on management needs, a limited number of feral hog trapping permits may be available.  Contact the Waco Lake Office for more information.
  • No camping within wildlife management area (WMA) is permitted.
  • Small game includes squirrel, rabbit, and feral hog.  Small game permits are not required. Small game may be taken by shotgun only (no buckshot) shot sizes ranging between 2-8, and legal archery/crossbow equipment only.  Feral hogs can be hunted using shotgun slugs.
  • Hunters (and anyone accompanying the hunter) must wear at least 400 square inches of hunter orange material (144 square inches on both chest and back) when hunting and are also required to wear some type of orange head wear. Exempt from this are persons hunting migratory birds, in which case hunters must wear hunter orange to and from hunting destinations.
  • No hunting is permitted or permissible around Waco Wetlands; please see Waco Lake Map for details on location.
  • Hunting blinds regardless of use must be completely removed from the land or water upon completion of each hunting day. All blinds must have the hunter’s name, date of installation, address, and phone number written legibly and placed at the entry point of the blind in a conspicuous location.  If proper identification is not present, the structure may be impounded and/or removed.
  • Natural blinds may be constructed by gathering loose and/or dead vegetation.  Cutting of grass, shrubs, trees, or any other vegetation is strictly prohibited
  • Shotgun deer hunting is by permit only
  • Deer archery is only permitted during deer archery-only season


Deer Gun Season

The drawing for Deer Gun Permits will occur on August 11, 2018 for the 2018-2019 hunting season.

Shotgun and slugs, or legal archery equipment is the only type of weapon that will be permissible for this season.  Hunters may carry in bait with them.  No feeders or other type of baiting equipment is allowed.  Any bait should be spread by hand. 
Pre- scouting prior to your hunt is not advisable, unless the scouting was done before the deer general season.

All deer gun permit holders, are required to submit their hunting surveys into the Waco Lake office within one month after the close of deer season. Anyone failing to fill out and return this animal harvest tag will be removed from all drawings for the next 12 months.






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