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Government Owned Land

Government Owned (Public) Land

Land which is owned in fee by the government consists of both the land where Waco Lakeis located and the surrounding property. The limits of this land are defined by the U.S. boundary line, the corners of which are marked by concrete monuments. The boundary markers, or monuments, are topped with a brass cap which is usually about four inches above ground level.

As an Adjoining Landowner, You May:

  1. Apply for a permit to mow or clear underbrush to reduce a potential fire hazard or pest infestation. No tree species or beneficial plants may be mowed and the height of the cut vegetation must not be less than three inches. Site environmental characteristics dictate the amount to be mowed, but the distance from the property boundary line does not usually exceed 25 feet.
  2. Apply for a license to place a water line over or under government property to the lake for the purpose of withdrawing water for private use. Water rights must be obtained from The City of Waco Water Utilities before approval will be granted.
  3. Construct a fence to, or along, the U.S. Boundary line.
  4. Have unlimited pedestrian access to public land except those areas specifically restricted.

As an Adjoining Landowner, You May Not:

  1. Use public lands for any type of private exclusive use, or for commercial purposes.
  2. Place unattended personal property of any kind on public land.
  3. Construct buildings, roads, improved pathways, or any other facilities on public lands.
  4. Restrict public access to public land either verbally, by posting signs, or by any other method.
  5. Operate vehicles on public land, except on paved roadways and at authorized access points.
  6. Dispose of any type of garbage, debris, or other refuse on public land.
  7. Build fires on public land, except in authorized locations.
  8. Gather fallen timber for firewood to be removed from public land.
  9. Allow horses, cattle or other livestock on public land, except by lease from the government or as otherwise permitted.
  10. Destroy, alter or remove any facility, vegetation, or natural feature.