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Lake Proctor Dinosaur


The Proctor Lake Dinosaur is new to science and has yet to be given a Genus and species name.


hypsi = high + lophos = crest + dont = tooth
(mostly small, two legged plant eaters)

Ornithiachia (bird-hipped dinosaurs)
Class: Reptillia (egg-laying animals with scales)
Phylum: Chordata (animals with backbones)


Adults up to 12 feet including tail
Height: Adults about 5 to 6 feet tall
Weight: Adults to several hundred pounds


Early Cretaceous period - about 1.15 million years ago


By J. R. Branch, a geology student at Tarleton State University, in May, 1985

Fossils from Proctor Lake are curated in the Shuler Museum of Paleontology at Southern Methodist University. Dozens of Hypsilophodonts occur at Proctor Lake, but none of this species is yet known from anywhere else in the world. Skeletons are found as single adults, like the specimen above, or as clusters of small adults. As many as 12 adults occur together. Flocks of young and adult Hypsilophodonts lived around the Proctor Lake area. The only other fossils found at Proctor Lake with the Hypsilophodonts are a few scraps of crocodile and one tooth o a pedator dinosaur like Deinonychus.


Above is the hind foot of one of the dinosaurs found and on the right is the excavation process of the skeletons.

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