Hunting at Grapevine Lake


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The 2018-2019 Grapevine Lake Hunting Season Information

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2018-2019 Grapevine Lake Hunting permit information dates are as follows:

White-tailed Deer: Season – 20 Oct. 2018 – 20 Jan. 2019 (see Texas Outdoor Annual for Antler Restrictions and Special Late season {Jan. 7-20, 2019} restrictions); Means and Methods – Archery only.
Youth Only White-tailed Deer: Season – 29 Sep. – 31 Oct. 2018 (see Texas Outdoor Annual for Antler Restrictions); Means and Methods – Archery only.
Waterfowl: Season – As published in the 2018/2019 Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual; Means and Methods – Must use non-lead shot and shot size cannot be larger than #2. RestrictionsSHOOTING HOURS END AT NOON.
General Hunting: Legal Game – As published in the 2018/2019 Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual under Denton County (except White-tailed deer and waterfowl); Season – As published in the 2018/2019 Texas Parks and Wildlife Outdoor Annual for each legal species allowed to hunt in Denton County. Means and Methods – Feral Hog is by archery only. All other legal species may be taken with either archery, falconry or shotgun using shot size no larger than #2.
Lake Wide Special Restrictions:

  • Shooting for fun, practice or at targets is prohibited
  • Trapping is prohibited
  • Sport chasing or hunting with dogs is prohibited
  • Carrying a handgun, muzzleloader or rifle of any kind on US Army Corps of Engineers property is prohibited under Title 36CFR, regardless of the user’s activity, hunting permit, or License to carry status. Shotguns, bows and crossbows are permitted only with a valid USACE Grapevine Lake hunting permit.
  • Hunting or shooting within 600ft of homes, developed parks, roads, fishing piers/platforms, farm and ranch yards, outlet structure or emergency spillway is prohibited.
  • Possession of or use of bait is prohibited.
  • Non-bark penetrating portable tree stands as well as free standing blinds are allowed. However, any blinds/tree stands used must be completely removed from project lands upon completion of each hunting day. All blinds/tree stands must have hunter’s name, date of installation and phone number written and placed at the entry point.
  • The operation of any vehicles off authorized roadways is prohibited.
You must have a 2018/2019 Texas hunting license and proof of hunters education (if required by the state) to receive a permit and while hunting.


Questions: Please contact a Park Ranger at 817-865-2600 Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm or by email. 

Here are the 2018/2019 Redraw White-tailed Deer lottery winners: You can pick up your permit starting on the 9th of November. You must show a valid ID, a valid Texas 2018/2019 Hunting license and proof of hunter’s educations (if born after 1 Sep 1971). Please have your lotto ticket or know the number.
9, 63, 96, 125, 129, 137, 144, 149, 261, 264, 302, 316, 319, 321, 322, 333, 337, 340

Remember to turn in your Hunters Survey by 1 March 2019 so not to get disqualified for next year!


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