Boat Ramps at Georgetown Lake


Boat ramps are located at 3 of the parks at Lake Georgetown. All boat ramps have 39 usuable parking spaces. After the spaces are filled, no other boaters are allowed to launch until a space becomes available. This insures that the proper number of crafts are on the lake at any given time and greatly aids in promoting safe boating. Day use fees for boating are $5.00 per vehicle.

The boat ramps located at Cedar Breaks Park, Jim Hogg Park, and Russell Park are open year round from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm with a 24 hour exit. All of the ramps are 4 lane concrete and are relatively steep to allow usage at various water levels. An adequate tow vehicle for the boat is recommended.

While boating with us please remember:

* Wear your Personal Floatation Device.
* Wear clothing appropriate for the weather conditions.
* Boaters will need to call a towing service for broken down or stuck boats. Please have contact information on board.
* Be aware of lake conditions and weather conditions.
* Notify a friend or family member that you will be out on the lake.
* Keep drinking water and snacks on board incase of an emergency.




Boatramp Information
Boat Ramp Name Boat Ramp Location Agency Fee
Cedar Breaks Park boat ramp Cedar Breaks Park U.S. Army Corps of Engineers $4.00
Jim Hogg Park boat ramp Jim Hogg Park U.S. Army Corps of Engineers $4.00
Russell Park boat ramp Russell Park U.S. Army Corps of Engineers $4.00