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Volunteer Program


The Corps of Engineers at Canyon Lake offers many volunteer opportunities in recreation and natural resource management.

We are the stewards of 11,000 + acres of land and water held in the public trust...held for YOU.

You can make a difference by helping to ensure the wise use of these precious resources today, for their conservation tomorrow.


As a volunteer, you can:

  • Work outdoors or indoors
  • Internship for college credit (non-paying)
  • Free Inhouse Training
  • Meet many new people
  • Learn alongside knowledgeable professionals
  • Contribute so future generations can enjoy recreation too
  • Leave behind a legacy
  • Plus, it's just plain fun!

Steps To Apply

  • Be willing to work as part of a team

  • Have an outgoing personality

  • Have a skill set: administrative, maintenance, welding, plumbing, electrical, etc

  • Contact Ranger Sam Price to start paperwork

  • Return paperwork with references

  • Interview with us and pass

  • Background check if you pass the interview


Select one of these links below for more information.



For nationwide volunteer opportunities, contact the volunteer clearing House.

You can access them two ways...

1-Click on the red castle below

2-Call them using the 800 number

Corps of Engineers logo for Volunteer Clearinghouse

Volunteer Clearinghouse
 Give a Helping Hand


Register with clearing house to access any state and project nationwide. That's it!

The clearinghouse will pass your information directly to the area's coordinator for you.



Volunteers and Water Safety

Volunteers are very important to how well we run as an organization.

We value each and every one of you as a volunteer. Please remember while volunteering to always be safe around the water. Wear your life jacket and use wise choices when boating, hunting, fishing or recreating in and around the water.

We want to continue our working relationship with each of our volunteers.

Always wear a lifejacket.



This site last updated on May 8, 2016