Natural Resources


The Corps of Engineers has the responsibility to manage federal lands that were purchased for the reservoir and dam construction. This includes management of natural resources in both the developed park areas and in the federally owned lands along the lake shoreline. 

The lake office along with the Ft Worth District Corps of Engineers Operations and Real Estate division have the responsibility to manage the flowage easement lands that surround the Canyon Lake.  An explanation of the flowage easement lands and their restrictions can be found in the Adjacent Landowners Guide.

Natural Resources Specialists at Canyon Lake conduct a variety of management activities around the lake. These activities include but are not limited to wildlife management, fisheries management, invasive species control, prescribed burning, wildflower planting, habitat improvement, and wild scapes.


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Water Safety Message


Animal & Insect Images

To view images of local species of animal & insect, click on the picture below.



Texas Parks and Wildlife

To view info on the local wildlife driving trail in and around Canyon Lake click below.


Heart Of Texas - East (HOTE) Wildlife Trail



Natural Resource Protection

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Title 36 is the law that governs the protection of the natural resources, federal lands and waters of Canyon Lake.

Title 36 applies to all U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Reservoirs, project sites and federal lands.

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Corps NRE Foundation

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Corps of Engineers Natural Resources Education Foundation

The Corps of Engineers Natural Resources Education Foundation (CNREF) is a non-profit advocacy organization, IRS designation 501(c)(3), dedicated to the stewardship of the environmental, cultural, educational, and outdoor recreational resources associated with the Natural Resources Management mission of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers (the Corps).

The Foundation has entered into a cooperative relationship with the Corps: to bring potential partners together with the Corps to support approved but unfunded Natural Resources projects. The Foundation matches sponsors for these critical projects. YOU can join the Foundation and help partner with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in serving the Nation!



Canyon Lake Gorge

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In 2002, a major flood event occurred at Canyon Lake. For the first time in the history of Canyon Lake, water flowed over the spillway. The resulting water flow carved thousands of tons of earth from vegetation from the land. What was left behind is a gorge of many natural wonders. Water falls seep from the rock cliffs while crystal clear pools team with aquatic life.

The guided hike through the gorge is available to the public thought the Gorge Preservation Society. They manage the area and help to keep it pristine and beautiful for everyone that visits. A few images below are from the gorge. To take a tour you will need to go to our links page and access the Gorge Preservation Societies web site from there. Once on their web site you can see videos and images, as well as sign up for a tour. Plan ahead since tours tend to fill up early.

Feel free to take a look at the images below.

Gorge1      Gorge2      Gorge3    Gorge4    Gorge5       Gorge6


Invasive Species Information

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There are many plant, animals and insects that qualify as an invasive specie. Any living organism that is moved from one ecosystem to a completely foreign ecosystem is an invasive specie. Most of the invasive species are very destructive to the new habitat and can kill off local plants, animals and insects.

To learn more on invasive species, please use the link below to take you to the web page dedicated to that subject.

Invasive Species