Fishing at Benbrook Lake

Benbrook Lake provides many excellent fishing opportunities, especially with its urban location. Texas Parks and Wildlife stocks the lake every few years and Benbrook was one of the first Texas lakes to be stocked with Florida-strain largemouth bass in the early 1980s. The lake record for largemouth bass is over thirteen pounds. White bass, hybrid white/striped bass, crappie, channel and flathead catfish, sunfish, carp and buffalo are abundant in the lake. Spring runs of white bass and hybrids up the river and creek channels especially provide the chance to take fish from the shoreline. The Rocky Creek Marina provides an enclosed fishing barge.

Fishing from the shoreline is allowed in all day use parks. If you wish to fish in a campground, you must be a registered camper. In Mustang Park, fishing is considered a day-use ($5.00) activity, unless you wish to utilize the point campground ($14 Fri-Sun, $5 Mon-Thurs). There is no fishing allowed in the developed swim beach areas.

Brush piles can be placed in the lake, but please call the office FIRST to let us know how, where, when, and what you plan to place. We may place limits on where you can sink and what types of bush you use. If you have the ability, please provide us the coordinates where you plan to set your pile.

At the time of this post, we do not have any coordinates for existing brush piles in the lake.

For more information about fishing, species, and limits, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.


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